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EBIZ's Corporate Digitization Program

Be our Corporate Partner! Partner with EBIZ to build a new online presence or revamp the current one. We will implement a brand new search engine optimized and customer service relevant website, devise your digital marketing and create your digital media for your online usage - all free. In exchange, we ask that you provide a work exposure opportunity to our trainees.
Become better

Fully Implemented Website

We will build you a new website with full SEO optimisation, free of charge.

Digital Marketing

Our trainees will work with you to create a digital marketing strategy and put it to work.

Digital Asset Creation

We will create digital media together with your team for use on your website and social media purposes.

Continual Maintenance

Your staff will be fully trained to design and maintain your e-business.
This saves you the time and money in outsourcing the maintenance.

How the EBIZ Corporate Partner Program Works

A complete e-business implementation program that equips your organization and staff for the future.

Proven Methodology

We use a 26-week online implementation program that has proven to work time nd again. If you are committed, we are confident of delivering your website and start your digital marketing program during the 26-week program.

Free Website

Our instructors guide you through the world of understanding web design while our implementation team builds a powerful and secure website for your organization,

The finished e-business and e-commerce, platform is SEO optimised and social media friendly. At the end of the course, the site is yours no strings attached.

Comprehensive Handover

You have the option to send your staff to the train with EBIZ to lead the whole implementation project and ensure the smooth running of the project.
After 6 months and the trainees have handed over the project, your staff/you will be competent enough to take over the maintenance of the website. This will save you costs in calling for support every time you need to change the system.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of companies can participate in this program?

Any company of any size that is properly registered anywhere on earth!

I'd like to send employees from my company to learn to take over from the trainees. Who can I send?

You can send anyone with a high school diploma or with at least GCE 'O' levels. No experience is required as we are able to reskill your staff in online business. You can send us up to 5 employees as your company deems fit.

What is the commitment like for my employees to be part of the implementation team?

Your staff will be required to meet up with our trainees and instructors at least once every fortnight for an hour.
In addition, your staff will be responsible in articulating the requirements of the company as well as check that what we deliver is as expected by your company.

What benefits does my company get from the program?

As part of the program, you will receive a free new SEO optimised website fully implemented with automated back end as required. Your staff will work on the system together with our instructors and experts to tailor the system for your operations.

In addition to the website and the newly upskilled employees, the grant money you receive can be used as you see fit in applying to your organisaiton's needs.

What are my company's obligations in this program?

After the program, you will have to take up a new hosting service ($500/year with EBIZ or with other hosts) to ensure the website continues to run. In addition, if you have opted for backend software like ERP, accounting or other automating purposes, you will be required to license these third party apps so that your staff can continue to work on these applications for your company.
If you decide to take on advertisements from Facebook, Google etc, you will have to pay for them.

Who will do the implementation?

We have a database of ready and eager trainees who will implement your online strategies. Under this program, you don't have to pay for the salary of the trainees. They will create a new e-business for you and you will provide them with a traineeship while they work on a diploma.